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Barrier Solutions

Preserving the quality of packaged food products requires quality barrier packaging.  With a 95-year tradition of providing exacting barrier packaging to institutional food service, industrial and retail markets, we’re ready to meet your coated paper product needs.
Our North Portland, Oregon facility is a high-volume producer of barrier packaging. with resources to ensure consistent performance.  Plus, our local and national market support, technical and engineering staff, and dedicated sales force give us a significant advantage in customer service.
Coated Paper Processes and Capabilities

Extrusion -- Extrusion coating serves a variety of valuable purposes including providing stronger and faster-forming seals, as well as a moisture barrier that can greatly extend your product’s shelf life.
Printing -- We have one of the best flexographic printing operations in the packaging industry.  Our six- and eight-color presses are capable of both line and process printing on paper or film substrates.
Coating -- Our PVdC coater coats paper to fill several different packaging requirements.  PVdC coating enables improved heat sealing capabilities while creating an outstanding moisture, gas and aroma barrier.
Here are examples of our innovative solutions for a variety of products:
Freshgard® 50
This poly-coated bleached or natural Kraft paper product is primarily used in institutional food grade applications such as freezer paper wrap.  It provides outstanding protection against freezer burn, is FDA approved and produced in certified food-safe facilities. The special paper, which is soft and pliable, features a thin poly layer that provides puncture/tear resistance and prevents bleed-through.  
Freshgard® 100, 150, 200
Our line of barrier-coated papers is designed to extend shelf life and provide superior flavor protection in powdered mixes and dried food applications by protecting against moisture and oxygen.  We use the most cost-effective, efficient non-metalized barrier coatings for minimum package weight in this roll stock material.  Easy opening, dispensing and good dead fold characteristics make it ideal for cereal pouches, dry products including instant oatmeal, pudding power, gelatin, spices, seasonings and dehydrated food products.
Tite-Pak® Brand Poly/Kraft
Tite-Pak® is the preferred, custom flexible package specially designed for foodservice frozen French fries and dehydrated foods.  Sold as roll stock, this 85% fiber-based substrate is perfect for high speed form-fill and seal applications.  It features strong machine and cross direction puncture characteristics, stiffness and moisture absorbency, as well as oil- and grease-resistance. Custom printing of your brand, product identification or cooking directions can be incorporated on this packaging material.   We also offer a fully recyclable version of Tite-Pak for our environmentally conscious customers.
Wax Paper
This traditional medium barrier product is designed for interior applications.  Our fiber-based substrate with wax coating is easy to open and offers outstanding dead fold.  It’s ideal for snack food, cereal products and butter wrap.
Our packaging experts can create packaging solutions that increase shelf impact while reducing environmental impact. 
Contact us to learn more.