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Folding Cartons

When it comes to cartons, we can improve your product line, supply line and bottom line.  Using attention-getting, high-impact graphics, we build an emotional connection with consumers that you seek in packaging design.  Our innovative ideas and turnkey solutions can make the difference for your brand.  We offer cartons for the following industries:
Cereal and Dry Food
Manufacturers of ready-to-eat and hot cereals, baking and cake mixes, crackers and biscuits, cookies, pasta and more choose us because of the benefits they receive from our packaging expertise.  We make sure products are protected as they move through the supply chain to the retailer’s shelf, protecting them against damage, while keeping them fresh and inviting on the shelf. Our paperboard is finished using the industry’s most modern manufacturing equipment for better filling line performance. Higher-strength options are available for club store and mass merchandiser channels.
Frozen Food
The frozen food aisle is stocked with ready-to-eat and easy-to-prepare meal options for today’s busy on-the-go consumer.  We provide a range of solutions that deliver brand impact and performance.  With our broad solutions that withstand the cold and wet environment of the freezer, we deliver a solution that travels the full supply chain and looks great in the consumer’s home.  With easy open and reclose features, a carton provides reliable storage in the home freezer.

Candy and Confections
Because these products are heavily impacted by seasonal and impulse purchases, they rely on change-maker displays and specialty shelf packs to stand out.  Our precise printing equipment and industry-leading inks and coatings deliver high-impact graphics that connect with consumers and separate products from the competition.  We also add packaging benefits consumers like to generate repeat purchases, such as easy open and reclose features, convenient product dispensing methods and evidence of tampering.
We use SUS® paperboard for all of our dairy packaging, which provides excellent moisture resistance and barrier.  Our ice cream/frozen dessert packaging program allows manufacturers to order both large and small volume requirements cost effectively. Plus we offer preplanned paperboard and manufacturing time to accommodate seasonal surges in volume. With GPI packaging machinery, paperboard and cartons, we’re a single-source provider for yogurt packaging systems.

Refrigerated Meat
We have a legacy of knowledge and experience serving the meat industry.  In fact, we are the leading manufacturer of Maravac® packaging, which is used for fresh bacon.  This unique substrate allows our customers to get their fresh bacon to market in a cost-effective package with high-end graphics, while preserving the integrity of their product.
Household Goods
Packaging should act as an extension of a brand. So we partner with customers to create innovative designs with excellent billboard capabilities to differentiate household products including facial tissue, laundry detergent, sandwich bags and other non-durable goods.  Leading brands count on our sophisticated in-line production and quality-control measures to meet their daily schedules.

Personal Care Products
We’ve dedicated an entire facility to this specialized field. You’ll find everything you need in one location, from full pre-press services, structural design and die making, to embossing, hot stamping and silk-screen printing.  Our unmatched expertise at delivering high-end packaging options will beautifully express the uniqueness of what lies within.  In addition, our cartons are manufactured primarily on substrates using 60-70% direct-use renewable energy.
If you’re interested in building a relationship with a trusted partner, please contact us to learn more about our unparalleled carton capabilities.