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Pick & Place

With more than 35 years of successful machinery installations, we have developed a complete line of high-performing placers to increase efficiency and optimize line performance -- whether you choose a standard model or a customized machine to meet unique applications.
GPI pick and place machinery (formerly Minnesota Automation Products) is ideal for picking almost any size or shape of product from a stack and placing it onto a conveyor, or into/onto another product.  The machines can be stand-alone or integrated into existing systems for typical and complex applications such as:
​Title Description Speed Brochure/Video
Doming or Lidding

Plastic Produce Lids

Plastic lidding machine 
Place plastic lids onto bases 70/ppm

Onserter, Outserter, Inserter

Inserts, Pharmaceutical Bottles

Bottle inserting 
Place instructional inserts into pharmaceutical bottles 60/cpm x 4 lanes=240/ppm View Brochure

Onsert for Pharmaceutical Industry

Bottle onserting  
Place instruction literature onto capped bottles up to 200 ppm

​​View Brochure


Leaflet outserter  
Place leaflets / literature onto bottle sides 120 ppm

​​View Brochure
Reciprocating Placer

Bar Code Detection

Bar code verification machine  
Verify bar code accuracy prior to application Variable

​​View Brochure

Bottle Caps

Plastic bottle capping machine  
Place caps onto bottles 20/cpm x 2 lanes=40/ppm

​​View Brochure

Dome Lid Bakery

Cake doming machine 
Place plastic domes over bakery items 40/cpm x 2 lanes=80/ppm View Brochure

Foam Pads and Discs

Foam pad placer  
Pick and place soft foam discs onto flighted conveyor 12/cpm x 2 lanes=24/ppm

​​View Brochure

Foil Pouch

Pouch feeder  
Pick and present foil pouch to conveyor line 45/ppm

​​View Brochure

Folded Literature

Promotional literature placer  
Picking and placing folded literature 70/cpm x 2 lanes=140/ppm

​​View Brochure

Pan Labeling

Baking pan labeling machine 
Place and glue identification cards in baking pans 40 pans/minute View Brochure

Paper - Single Sheet

Literature feeder  
Pick and place literature sheets onto conveyor 30 ppm

​​View Brochure

Paperboard Dividers

Paperboard divider machine 
Place paperboard dividers into cartons 35/ppm View Brochure

Pharmaceutical Instruction Sheets

Pharmaceutical sheet feeder  
Place instruction sheets into a box traveling on a conveyor 30 cycles per minute

​​View Brochure

Pizza Sheet

Pizza sheet feeder 
Pick and place pizza sheets onto conveyor 60/ppm

​​View Brochure

Plastic Clamshell Trays

Clamshell tray denester  


Placing trays into flighted conveyor 30 cycles per minute for 60 placements per minute

​​View Brochure

Rolling Papers

Overwrapped product feeder 
Place overwrapped rolling papers into the infeed of a horizontal form/fill/seal machine. 60/cpm

​​View Brochure

Tapered Paperboard Trays

Paperboard tray feeder  
Place paperboard trays onto a flighted conveyor 37 cycles per minute for 74 placements per minute

​​View Brochure

U Board

U-board pick and place machine  
Fold and place U-boards onto flighted conveyor 38 cycles per minute for 152 placements per minute

​​View Brochure
Rotary Placer


Bowl denesting and grouping machine  
Denest deep bowls, then renest in counted stacks 80 trays per minute

​​View Brochure

CD - Random Placement

CD placed into jewel cases  
Place compact discs into jewel cases that are randomly spaced 340/ppm

​​View Brochure

CD Placer

CD DVD placers  
Pick and place CD's 300/ppm

​​View Brochure

Coin Feeder

Coin placer  
Pick and place coins onto mailers 100/ppm

​​View Brochure

Commemorative Coins

Coin placing system 


Coins placed onto carrier boards 260/ppm

​​View Brochure

Gift or Credit Cards

Card feeding 
Feed plastic product cards 90 to 400 cards per minute View Brochure

Microwave Susceptor Card

Susceptor card placing machine 
Picking and placing of susceptor cards 150/ppm View Brochure


Pad placer  
Placing pads for pharmaceutical applications 100 ppm

​​View Brochure

Plastic Deli Domes

Deli dome labeler and denester 
Labeling long side of deep domes with stack counts 125 cpm, accumulated speed of 250 ppm

​​View Brochure

Plastic Promotion CardsPromotional product assembly

Place cards onto carriers on random pitch 120/ppm

​​View Brochure

Sleeved CD

CD into paperboard sleeve  
Place compact discs into a paperboard sleeve 140/ppm

​​View Brochure
Tray Denester

Dome Base, Bakery

Cake base denesting machine 
Place dome bases for bakery items 40/cpm x 4 lanes=160/ppm View Brochure

Nested Plastic Containers

Plastic container denester  
Containers of various sizes / denesting with quick changeovers 10 cpm x 12 lanes = 120 ppm

​​View Brochure

Paperboard Clamshells

Paperboard clamshell denester 
Place paperboard clamshells onto flighted conveyor 30/cpm x 4 lanes=120 ppm View Brochure

Plastic Clamshell

Plastic clamshell tray denester 
Place clamshells onto flat belt conveyor 40/cpm x 2 lanes=80/ppm View Brochure

Plastic Trays

Bakery tray denester  
Pick and place plastic bakery trays 120/ppm

​​View Brochure

Plastic Trays - Food Packaging

Plastic tray denester  
Denest and place multiple-cell plastic trays that are difficult to separate 30/cpm for a total of 120 placements per minute

​​View Brochure

Plastic Trays with cell dividers

Plastic tray denester  
Pick and place individual trays onto conveyor 45/cpm x 4 lanes=180/ppm

​​View Brochure

Find out how our pick and place machinery can improve your production.   Contact us to discuss your needs.