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Strength Solutions

Strength Packaging Our strength packaging solutions offer a robust line of highly engineered paperboard cartons.  We leverage multiple design and manufacturing strategies including laminations, inserting and pick and place.  Compression strength is engineered through high caliper board, Z-Flute® , Lithoflute® or inserted packaging. Each design is engineered to support the unique requirements of the application: supply chain, machinability and functionality at retail and at home. The goal is attaining the most strength using the least amount of material.
Strategic reinforcement is added only where needed to optimize package performance. This can potentially reduce cost and improve sustainability.  From door to floor, our solutions are uniquely designed for the challenges of the supply chain.
Heavyweight Folding Cartons
  • For applications not needing Z-Flute lamination or Lithoflute corrugated packaging, our Heavyweight clay-coated SUS® or CRB folding cartons are often the best solution.
  • Unique structural design enhancements can drive additional performance for the designs.
  • Heavyweight folding cartons round out our strength packaging portfolio allowing us to optimize the fiber usage for each unique application
Z-Flute Laminated Folding Cartons
  • We use a patented lamination technology that strategically reinforces the interior of folding cartons to enhance durability and drive top load compression.
  • Shipper cases and display trays are eliminated throughout the club and retail supply chain, reducing tertiary packaging waste.
  • The thin profile of a Z-Flute carton means more cartons per inbound pallet and truck, helping to hold the line against high transportation costs. Benefits of a thinner profile include the need for less warehouse space and material handling, as well as improved logistics vs. corrugated packaging. Line efficiencies can improve with more cartons in the magazine and fewer loads for the operator.
  • Our family of Lithoflute cartons range from E to C flute, offering versatility and the visual appeal of folding cartons combined with the strength and durability of corrugated.
  • Lithoflute cartons are easy to run on existing high-speed corrugated and folding carton packaging equipment. 
  • Optimum fiber efficiency is achieved by eliminating tertiary packaging like corrugated cases or high wall trays.
  • Excellent top load compression and increased bulge resistance improve overall protection, reducing carton failure.  
Contact Us to discuss strength solutions that will address your specific supply chain challenges and optimize your packaging performance.