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Recyclable. Renewable. Responsible.

Sustainability is a fundamental principle that impacts every part of our business.  We’re committed to creating innovative packaging that uses renewable and recyclable materials with renewable energy to sustain our world.

  • Recyclable: Virtually all of our paperboard packaging is recyclable. That means one of our paperboard beer cases or frozen pizza boxes could be recycled for use in a cereal box or baked goods carton in the future.
  • Renewable: Our kraft virgin paperboard is made from pine trees, a renewable resource, managed under sustainable forestry practices.  In addition, recovered paper and paperboard is used to make our recycled paperboard.
  • Responsible: We use virtually every part of every tree, leaving no above-ground waste behind. Then we use it again. Simply put, we’re committed to making a difference for the environment.

Learn more about how we make a difference for our customers, our communities and ourselves by shifting the balance from consuming to conserving. 


We are proud to be a member of these leading sustainability organizations.