eBook – Cultivating Business with Sustainable Packaging

Bringing sustainability to the forefront of your business is a catalyst for success

April 2022

Companies that prioritize sustainable practices, such as using sustainable packaging, benefit from aligning more closely with consumer values, improving their environmental impact, and increasing growth, profit, and innovation potential.

Sustainable packaging prioritizes renewable and recyclable materials. This practice applies to all phases of the product lifecycle, from the sourcing of raw materials to manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and the product’s end of life

Cultivating business with sustainable packaging

In this eBook, we highlight:

    • Why sustainability is more than a trend
    • That paper-based packaging innovation promotes sustainability
    • Prioritizing paperboard in sustainable packaging
    • What to do right now
    • Plus, real-word examples of how two brands found success in
      making the switch to paperboard packaging

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