eBook – Fiber-Based Produce Packaging

The Key to Success for Forward-Thinking Growers

November 2021

While sustainability may have taken a brief back seat to hygiene as a hot packaging trend during the pandemic, it’s still very much on the minds of consumers. More than half of U.S. consumers are highly concerned about the environmental impact of packaging in general, according to McKinsey & Company*. In Europe, a Pro Carton study found that the environmental impact of a product’s packaging affects over 60 percent of consumers’ purchasing decisions**. Globally, consumer perceptions around plastic packaging are shifting and the need for retailers to adopt plastic alternatives is growing.

To meet this trend head-on, growers and grower-packers have an opportunity to get ahead of the game and tap into the benefits of fiber as a viable alternative to plastic packaging for fresh produce.

Paper Produce Packaging Graphic Packaging International In this eBook, we highlight:

  • Why paper is a sustainable choice for produce packaging
  • Four common myths and misconceptions around paper produce packaging, including:
    1. Myth: There’s no significant environmental benefit to making the switch
    2. Myth: It’s not tried and tested
    3. Myth: Cost! Plastic is cheaper
    4. Myth: It won’t suit my produce
  • Plus, real-word examples of how two produce brands found success in making the switch paper packaging

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