Molson Coors Replaces Plastic Rings

Molson Coors Carling Wrap

Molson Coors replaces plastic rings with fully recyclable fiber-based sleeve on can multipacks

Multinational drink and brewing company, Molson Coors, is leading the way on packaging sustainability in the beverage aisle. Outlined in its Imprint 2025 sustainability goals, the company aims to ensure that its packaging is 100 percent reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. Molson Coors saw the opportunity to partner with Graphic Packaging International (‘Graphic Packaging’) to introduce a fully recyclable and sustainable paperboard sleeve for all its major brands, facilitating the removal of all single-use plastic from the packaging of Carling and Coors.

Download the full case study below.


  • Circularity
    A fiber-based solution that is sustainable and circular while increasing pack integrity and branding space.
  • Consumer appeal
    Increases billboarding space and enhances branding opportunities due to full-can-height wrap around design.
  • Increased convenience
    Mono-material, glue-free design is easily recyclable post-consumer use and incorporates consumer-friendly features such as finger hole carry apertures.
  • Replaces plastic
    Removes single-use plastic from Molson Coors’ UK beverage portfolio on can multipacks, in line with the company’s Imprint 2025 sustainability goals.
  • Enhances branding opportunities
    Billboarding space is significantly enhanced compared to previous solution, best promoting Molson Coors brands.
  • Designed for convenience
    Renewable paperboard mono-structure is glue-free due to Graphic Packaging’s innovative locking mechanism, to support recycling and circularity. Convenient finger apertures for easy pickup and base aperture reveals date code.

Optimum circularity with 100% recyclable paperboard wrap made from renewable fibers. Average of 10% pre-consumer recycled content is blended with the virgin fiber.

Suitable for multi-channel retail by increasing pack integrity and allowing for better handling and storage throughout the value chain.

Champions sustainability with enhanced shelf appeal by drawing the consumer’s eye to fiber-based, recyclable alternatives with increased branding opportunities.

Supplied flat packed for reduced carbon impact in transit.

Runs at high line speeds and designed to eliminate sheet waste for efficient, cost-effective manufacturing.