Dual Ovenable Pressed Paperboard Trays

Dual Ovenable Pressed Paperboard Trays


Dual ovenable pressed paperboard trays provide consumers with an economical, more sustainable alternative to CPET and Polypropylene plastic trays.

We offer a full range of paper-based trays and bowls designed for dual ovenable product applications. If you are looking for a sustainable replacement to CPET packaging, our broad range of trays and bowls provides a range of functional and market focused enhancements, including single and multi-compartment design, microwave active materials, rolled rim availability on certain structures, and inside/outside print capabilities.

With our inline printing capabilities, we deliver the ability to distinguish your brand.

Dual Ovenable Pressed Paperboard is Ideal for

  • Pizza
  • Snacks
  • Entrees
  • Side Dishes