Fast Food & Deli Takeout Containers

Fast Food & Deli Takeout ContainersOur fast food & deli takeout containers provide the convenience, protection and presentation your customers expect. Tuck top cartons with automatic bottoms feature a tuck lid with a “lock”. Fast top styles snap open quickly for filling and close by locking the top into the box ends. Handled boxes are ideal for larger portion take out orders that require carton strength and french fry boxes are offered in three popular sizes for a variety of fried foods.

The snack and dinner sized tuck top and fast top cartons are perfect for 2 piece to 4 piece individual meals or multi-piece chicken tenders. Handle top cartons are made to withstand the weight of 5 piece to 16 piece chicken take out while the corrugated tailgate box holds up to a 100 piece chicken take out or is perfect for holiday meals from the deli.

Fast Food & Deli Takeout Containers – Product Specifications
  • Available in two stock designs
  • Available in several sizes


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