The QuikFlex™ 10 is a compact, simple and economical manual packaging system for fully-enclosed cartons. Cartons are sealed as a single operator pushes packs through the patented locking system that uses no power or glue. The QuikFlex™ 10 is changeover ready and supports a variety of container sizes and pack formats.


Robust Construction

Heavy-duty tubular steel frame with corrosion resistant coatings and materials. No guards required as this is a manually operated machine with no inherent dangers.


More Production. Less Maintenance

No air, electrical power or glue is required. The GPI locking system is market proven and accommodates a range of sizes and primaries.

No Tool Changeover

Simple changeover to a variety of heights and diameters of various products. Changeover time is 5-10 minutes using scales and pointers.

QuikFlex™ 10 Specifications

Primary Containers and Pack Configurations
  • Cans and Glass Bottles
  • 2×2, 2×3, 2×4, 2×5, 2×6
  • 3×3, 3×4, 3×5, 3×6
  • 4×4, 4×5, 4×6
  • 5-20 packs per minute
Machine Dimensions
  • Weighs approximately 400 lbs (181 kg)