Scoop Cups

Scoop CupsScoop cups are a versatile, innovative way to package a variety of food items, from a side of fries to an order of chicken tenders. This practical package solution has a front cut-out for high food visibility and a tall back to help stand the product upright.

The scoop cup is made with a grease-resistant barrier and closed bottom allowing oil, salt and small pieces of food to remain in the carton rather than falling through an opening at the base of the package. The best part? It fits in a standard car cup holder for on-the-go consumption. Scoop cups are available in stock and custom prints.

Scoop Cups – Product Specifications
  • Newspaper™ stock design comes with three prints intermixed in each case
  • Custom printing also available
  • Coated on the inside and outside for maximum grease resistance
  • Fits in standard car cup holders






Learn more about Scoop Cups

Download this brochure to learn about scoop cups and their alternative, functional way to serve up new menu items.