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We package life’s moments

Graphic Packaging is the world’s largest folding carton manufacturer.  

We produce the paper cup that held your coffee this morning, the microwave tray that heated your meal at lunch, and the carton that holds the craft beer or flavoured, sparkling water you may have enjoyed last night.


Global strength, local support

Our 130+ facilities across the globe design and produce innovative fibre-based packaging solutions that enable customers to reach their sustainability goals, accommodate changing consumer preferences, stand apart from competitors, and achieve brand loyalty. Our product portfolio starts with renewable and recycled raw materials and emphasizes product recyclability after use 

In the UK, our nine manufacturing facilities supply a broad range of customers in the food, beverage and non-food sectors with sustainable, fibre-based packaging for a wide range of applications. 

We supply packaging to all major UK and European retailers.  

Our highly experienced UK-based sales team offers dedicated support with specialist knowledge and expertise to our UK customers.  

Consumer insight-driven innovation

Great packaging ideas start with consumers. Their lifestyles and preferences provide the insight that informs and inspires our creative teams. With access to all major sources of insight, including a range of services from Mintel, we can provide insightful guidance to drive the innovation process.   

We have a long history of bringing innovation to our customers and our industry. And innovative ideas continue to drive our business today. 

We’d love to welcome you to one of our UK sites, where a dedicated team will come together to help transform your packaging challenges into solutions that will work for your product, your business and your consumers.  

Our product portfolio starts with renewable and recycled materials and emphasises recyclability after use

Consumers are more conscious now than ever about the products they buy and the packaging that protects those products. Brand-owners’ sustainability commitments and increasing legislation around single use plastic are driving change.  

Graphic Packaging is investing in the future of sustainable innovative packaging that not only protects food and products so that less goes to waste, but also can be recycled 

Innovative products that help reduce food and plastic waste

Our UK customers have access to an expansive product portfolio, which includes folding cartons, trays, punnets, canisters, buckets, multipacks cartons, flexibles and more.

Here are details of just a few of our key innovations:  

Produce Packaging

ProducePack™ and the ProducePack Punnet

  • Fibre-based, recyclable solutions to replace flexible and rigid plastic produce packaging.  
  • Can help decrease produce damage and waste during transportation and storage. 
  • Reduction in plastic up to 100% versus traditional packaging.  
Tray Solutions


  • A sustainable fibre-based alternative to plastic trays, reducing plastic by up to 90%. 
  • High barrier, modified atmosphere and vacuum skin packaging for fresh and processed protein and protein substitutes, prepared salads and more. 
  • PaperSeal Cook is our specialist tray solution for oven and microwave-ready chilled and frozen food applications.  
Pressed board trays

Pressed board trays

  • We are Europe’s largest supplier of pressed board trays, with a high fibre content that makes them recyclable in most countries. This also applies to our fibre-based containers and buckets. 
Multipack Solutions

Wrap & Clip-Style Multipacks, Fully-Enclosed Cartons

  • Sustainable, recyclable, fibre-based options for brands looking to replace plastic rings and shrink film in beverage and food multipacks. 
  • Reduction in plastic up to 100% versus traditional packaging 

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