QuikFlex™ 300


Small-footprint continuous motion packaging system that provides higher flexibility for smaller packaging requirements.



A solution for packaging twin-layer packs of multiple diameter and height can, glass and PET containers.

QuikFlex™ 600G3


A continuous motion moderate to high speed system that is highly flexible for your fully-enclosed packaging needs.



The QuikFlex™40 is a cost-effective, intermittent motion packaging system with a small footprint to run multi-diameter and height cans and bottles.


Industry-proven continuous motion high-speed packaging system designed to be as flexible as your marketplace.


QuikFlex ReShape™

The QuikFlex ReShape™ allows you to create both standard and unique shaped and nested multipacks that can help reflect the personality of your brand to connect instantly with your consumers.

QuikFlex™ CP

QuikFlex™ CP

Our line of cartoners is flexible, enables quick changeovers and is designed to erect and seal cartons for fully enclosed packages.


The QuikFlex™ 10 is a compact, simple and economical manual packaging system for fully-enclosed cartons.

Fully Enclosed Multipacks

Fully enclosed cartons for beverages that include our proprietary Fridge Vendor™, TwinStack™, economy-style packs and more.