Promotional Packaging

Promotional packaging can be a great way to increase brand awareness, drive consumer engagement, achieve differentiation, and drive sales. 

Options can include innovative structural designs, gift sets, limited editions, multipacks, interactive enhancements, and more.  

Promotional Packaging

Promotional Packaging Benefits

Brand and Marketing Benefits
Brand and Marketing
  • Create eye-catching packaging that will grab consumers’ attention and make them more likely to engage with your brand 
  • Drive sales by providing new and existing consumers with a more compelling reason to purchase  
Consumer Experience Benefits
Consumer Experience
  • Create a sense of urgency and excitement with limited and special editions and gift packs 
  • Innovative structural designs can create a special unboxing experience for consumers  

Related Finishes & Enhancements

Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality

Incorporating augmented reality into a packaging design can be an innovative way to increase engagement or provide product information. 

Near Field Communication-Enabled Packaging
Near Field Communication-Enabled Packaging

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in packaging enables brands and retailers to offer an interactive customer experience.