Leaflets and Packaging Inserts

Leaflets and packaging inserts provide all the necessary information for a consumer or patient regarding correct and safe product use.

Leaflets and Packaging Inserts Applications

Especially for healthcare applications, leaflets, and inserts give critical information about medication safe use, contraindications, and potential side effects. They may be a mandatory requirement for secondary packaging to ensure patient safety. Information leaflets are produced on specific paper grades and their format is tailored to fit the packaging and filling processes – from plano to outserts to integrated leaflets.

Consumer Beauty
Personal Care
Personal Care

Integrated Patient Alert Cards Made Efficient With Advanced Gluing and Folding Process

Pharmaceutical patient alert cards are a mandatory part of packaging for certain medications. They provide important guidance to patients in relation to not taking them in combination with other medicines, where there may be a risk of life-threatening interactions between the two.

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