Seasonal Calendars

Seasonal calendars are a great way to spread holiday cheer.  

Our custom seasonal calendars combine unique formats, high-quality printing, and eye-catching enhancements to create the perfect result for your brand. Consider traditional chocolates, miniature beauty or wellness products, toys, and more. 

We also offer paperboard alternatives to traditional plastic inlays, ensuring your calendars also support your sustainability goals. 

Seasonal Calendars

Seasonal Calendars Benefits

Sustainability Benefits
  • Traditional plastic inserts can be replaced with paperboard alternatives 
Operational Efficiency
  • Our expert teams ensure your calendar is efficient to assemble, ship, and display 
Brand & Marketing
  • An innovative and engaging way to encourage consumer trial and drive sales  
  • Interesting structural design combined with high-quality print and print enhancements create a unique and differentiated solution 
Consumer Experience
  • Provide consumers with an innovative and exciting opening experience, helping to build anticipating for the holiday 
Food Safety
  • Appropriate paperboards, barriers, inks, and processes are selected for food applications 
A view of Graphic Packaging International's seasonal calendar

Bonne Maman’s Gift Box Carton Elevates the Consumer’s Experience

Bonne Maman engaged Graphic Packaging to create a premium, sustainable carton for their latest online-only product, the ‘Made For You’ gift box.

Related Finishes & Enhancements

Ideal for beauty, confectionery, personal care, and more, our folding cartons with windows help elevate your product by inviting consumers to take a peek.
Folding Cartons with Windows

Consumers love to see a product before they buy it, whether it’s to check the freshness of a salad, the vibrancy of a design, the quality of the material, etc. Incorporating windows into a carton is an ideal way to allow the consumer to see the product, while still protecting the contents.

Our shaped cartons offer innovative structural designs to help your product stand out on the retail shelf or to support your seasonal and promotional activities.
Shaped Cartons

Our shaped cartons employ attractive structural designs and stunning print effects to create differentiation, premiumization, and consumer engagement.