Thermoformable Base Webs

Thermoformable base webs are designed to perform with minimal use of resources while providing high mechanical strength and a tailored barrier performance. The range includes raw materials from both virgin and recycled sources. Our comprehensive range of thermoformable base webs includes:

  • Materials suitable for high-barrier, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) applications Paper-based materials ideal for frozen food applications Materials with outstanding puncture resistance for more challenging applications
  • Films with easy-peel performance ideal for use in food and healthcare applications Materials approved for food contact applications Materials that meet the requirements for healthcare applications
Thermoformable Base Webs

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Thermoformable Base Webs Benefits

Our base webs complement our range of lidding films for ideal pack integrity and process efficiency. We are able to customize the packaging to meet your specifications and requirements and our skilled technical service team will support you throughout the process.

Tailored Performance

Semi-rigid and flexible base webs with tailored barrier performance 

Consumer Experience Benefits
Easy Open and Close Features

Easy-opening and reclosure features 

Sustainability Benefits
Promotes Recycling

Mono PET and PE materials promote recycling in designated waste streams 

Business and Industry
Sealing Properties

Excellent sealing properties 

Ideal for Tough Applications

Nylon (PA) for the toughest applications 


Thermoformable Base Webs Solutions

HiLite™ Polyester-Based Material for Thermoformed Applications

HiLite™ is a high clarity polyester-based material, easy to thermoform. HiLite is available as mono PET or with PE sealing, and with the possibility of incorporating a high ratio of post-consumer recycled (PCR) material without compromising food safety. It runs very well on existing FFS lines and is ideal for a wide range of applications, such as meat, cheese, fish, produce, blister packaging and industrial products.

A high clarity polyester-based material, HiLite™ is easy to thermoform and is ideal for blister packaging and food and industrial products.

Nylon-Based Packaging Materials

Our range of nylon-based packaging materials (‘NP’) offers maximized pack performance even for the most demanding applications.

The polyamide-based material is available in medium and high-barrier versions, offering excellent performance in thermoforming, puncture resistance, sealability, and visual clarity.

Available in medium and high barrier versions, our nylon-based materials offer high performance in thermoforming, puncture resistance, sealability, and more.

PaperLite Barrier Material for Trays

Part of our tray portfolio, PaperLite is a fiber-based barrier material that is supplied on a reel for forming on standard thermoforming lines. It is ideal for fresh and processed meat and cheese applications.

Ideal for fresh and processed meats and cheeses, PaperLite™ is a fiber-based, thermoformable packaging material that is supplied flat on a reel.