Sleeve Wrapping Machinery

Our range of sleeve-wrapping machines are intermittent or continuous motion systems that are designed to wrap or sleeve your products with paperboard. 

FlexSleeve™ Paperboard Sleeve-Wrapping Machine

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Sleeve Wrapping Machinery Solutions

The range includes FlexSleeve™, designed to wrap or sleeve trays, cups, or containers, and Marksman™ SB, designed to wrap or sleeve stacked bowls.


FlexSleeve™ is an intermittent or continuous motion packaging machine that is designed to apply paperboard wraps or sleeves to trays, cups, containers, and other consumer products.

FlexSleeve™ Paperboard Sleeve-Wrapping Machine

Marksman™ SB

The Marksman™ SB machine is designed to apply wrap-style packaging to multipacks of stacked plastic bowls. It includes patented, market-proven, wrap-locking technology that eliminates the need for glue. 
The Marksman™ SB is easy to operate and maintain and offers quick changeovers.