Fibrecote™ Flexible Packaging Material

Fibrecote™ is a flexible packaging material suitable for a variety of pack formats such as lidding, sachets, pouches, flow wraps, and unformed base webs. It runs efficiently on existing form-fill-seal (FFS) lines and is ideal for a range of applications including sliced meat and cheese, fresh produce, snacks, and even beauty and healthcare products.  

Fibrecote R is a solution for frozen foods that is designed for recyclability. Available in multiple grades, it is engineered to meet a variety of frozen application needs in the retail environment.

Fibrecote™ Flexible Packaging Material

Fibrecote Benefits

Sustainability Benefits
  • Fibrecote is made from up to 90% renewable plant-based fiber from sustainably managed forests 
  • Fibrecote R is made from over 85% renewable plant-based fiber from sustainably managed forests 
  • OCC equivalent recyclable verified by laboratory testing at Western Michigan University 
Operational Efficiency Benefits
Operational Efficiency
  • Suitable for form, fill, and seal (FFS) applications 
  • Strong, fast, and durable sealing 
  • Fibrecote offers high-barrier protection using a SiOx or EVOH coating so can be used as a pillow pouch for modified atmosphere (MAP) requirements, delivering a longer shelf life  
  • Fibrecote R offers a oxygen and moisture barrier for shelf-life with medium and high barrier options  
Brand and Marketing Benefits
Brand and Marketing
  • Available with multi-color registered printing 
Consumer Experience Benefits
Consumer Experience
  • Attractive graphics and product messaging can be printed on the pack 
  • Provides an appealing visual and tactile experience when handling and opening 
  • Easy to open and close 

Fibrecote Applications

Available in multiple grades, Fibrecote is engineered to meet the needs of a variety of applications in the retail environment.

Fresh and Processed Meats
Prepared Salads
Frozen Food