Making a Difference in the World

Strong global forces are driving changes in the packaging industry. More goods need to be packed and shipped to address the needs of a growing urban population, while at the same time packaging needs to transform to reduce carbon emissions and minimize waste. Consumers are also demanding that products — and the packaging that protects them — are safe and free of chemicals that may cause harm to people and the planet. Our ability to innovate safe, low-carbon, and circular packaging solutions will be a key enabler for long-term sustainable growth.

Graphic Packaging is stepping up to these challenges by delivering an innovative product portfolio that starts with renewable and recycled fiber raw materials and embraces product recyclability after use. Ninety-five percent of our paperboard products are recyclable, and for those that aren’t widely accepted for recycling at this time, we partner with our value chain to develop solutions to increase acceptance so we may recover these valuable fibers to make new products. We are engaged at both ends of the recovered material value stream — improving fiber circularity by promoting paper recycling and then using recovered materials to reduce dependence on virgin fiber in our products.

2021 ESG Report

Protecting. Expanding. Transforming.

For Graphic Packaging, progress in the business-critical areas of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) means delivering positive outcomes for our people, our planet, our partners, and ultimately the growth and sustainability of our Company.

We’re made investments to expand our recycled paperboard manufacturing capacity and global customer reach.  Our designers are transforming packaging to provide the circular solutions that consumers demand. At the same time, we’re also working to be good stewards and protect our natural resources by reducing our emissions, energy, water use, and waste and through sustainable forest fiber sourcing practices.

Driving all of these actions on behalf of our customers, our communities, our planet, and each other are our 24,000+ employees. Everyday, our diverse, enthusiastic team comes to work with one purpose: to make a World of Difference.

Learn more about how Graphic Packaging is protecting what matters, expanding our impact, and transforming the future.

2021 ESG Report
2021 ESG Highlights 
2021 ESG Data Summary  

Vision 2025 ESG Initiatives

Vision 2025 outlines how we make investments in our products, be better allies to our partners, supporters of our people, and stewards of our planet – all while generating profits for our stockholders. Our ESG goals are aligned in four strategic pillars — People, Planet, Products, and Partners — and support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Engage employees in an inclusive and high-performance culture


Focus on improving the planet


Create innovative and sustainable packaging solutions that inspire


Grow with the best customers and suppliers in the best markets

United Nations Vision 2045

Vision 2045 is a series of documentaries devised by award-winning production company TBD Media Group. An inspirational project conceived to celebrate the centenary of the United Nations in 2045, it entails fifty carefully selected global businesses joining forces to leverage cutting-edge thinking and the latest technology to create world-changing outcomes. Graphic Packaging is proud to have been selected to participate in this initiative, and we are happy to share with you our holistic approach to advancing product sustainability and driving change in reducing end consumer waste while conserving resources.

Recognized for Our ESG Progress

We are proud of the progress we have made, but it is especially gratifying when external organizations notice our efforts too. In 2021, we were honored with the following:

Forbes World's Best Employers

Community Engagement

Our success is not possible without the vitality of the local communities where we operate. These communities are our employees’ hometowns, provide necessary services for our sites and their families, and provide a talent pool where the next generation of future workers are educated. We believe that listening to and investing in our communities improves the health of our business, our local environment, and our society.

Our community engagement programming is driven by our core values. We focus our efforts on three pillars – putting food on the table, preserving the environment, and investing in education – which guide our engagement strategy, volunteer actions, and philanthropic commitments.

Putting Food on the Table

Providing packaging solutions for food and beverage companies is core to our business. Our commitment to fighting hunger is reflected in the community organizations we support and the agencies with whom we partner. Around the world, our teams contribute to local food banks and groups that provide meals to those in need. We regularly conduct food drives and provide meals for low-income or special needs families.

Putting food on the table

Preserving the Environment

We participate in river cleanups and engage with schools across the globe to introduce the science behind recycling paper to create new packaging. Each year, we host TICCIT (pronounced “ticket”), which stands for Trees Into Cartons, Cartons Into Trees, a community outreach and educational program founded by the Paperboard Packaging Council. By partnering with local schools, our employee volunteers teach children the importance of renewable, sustainable resources in the paper and paperboard packaging industry. Since we joined the program in 2008, we have planted trees with nearly 120,000 students in North and South America and Europe.

Investing in Education

By educating tomorrow’s leaders, we build a pipeline of talent to shape our future workforce. Our Graphic Packaging Scholarship is offered to college-aged students of our employees who are pursuing programs in paper sciences, engineering, supply chain, and other curricula that support careers in our industry. We also participate in Manufacturing Day each year, exposing high school students to the challenging and rewarding potential of a manufacturing career in their community. We organize school supply drives, helping children in need get the best start possible for each new school year. We mentor youth through organizations such as Boy Scouts of America, and we are a proud supporter of Junior Achievement, a worldwide organization that unites schools and businesses to teach students how to succeed in our ever-evolving global economy.