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Striving to be better, every day

Our Approach

Better, every day. That’s how we approach sustainability. We keep innovating, optimizing, and implementing to ensure that our packaging and actions are inherently better for people and the planet — so that little by little, step by step, we help make life’s everyday moments better.  

We do this by channeling our efforts into three strategic focus areas. We’re creating better packaging by designing with a circular economy in mind. We’re doing better for people by promoting safety, empowering employees, and engaging our communities. And we’re shaping a better future for our planet by reducing our climate impact and safeguarding ecosystems. 

Better, Every Day

Striving to be better, every day - better packaging, better for people, and better future.

Better Packaging

Fueling a circular economy by recycling more materials, and driving out waste

With a growing global population, the demand for prepackaged food, drinks, and consumer goods will continue to rise, placing more pressure on natural resources and increasing waste. Our focus is on developing new, recyclable packaging solutions that keep materials in circulation and engaging with customers and partners to increase paper packaging recovery. We consider the impacts of our packaging products at each stage of the value chain, from product design and safety to raw materials sourcing, manufacturing, and material efficiency, and a sustainable end-of-life. Our innovative packaging solutions like PaperSeal™, Boardio™, and KeelClip™ help brands align with consumers’ expectations for recyclable packaging and reduced dependency on fossil fuel-based packaging materials. 

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Better for People

Safer, more inclusive work environments, professional growth and local community engagement

A growing population also creates an increased need for decent work opportunities and improved quality of life, including within our local communities. That’s why we’re intent on creating safe, engaging workplaces that are centered on people’s growth and celebrate diversity. Our values, commitment to responsible operations, and safety focus, define our culture. Employee Resource Groups foster belonging and inclusivity, and our GPI University cultivates professional growth and development.

We engage and renew our local communities through volunteerism, donations, and educational opportunities, and we’re proud to economically support small family land holders that have been growing trees and conserving forest ecosystems for generations.  

We’re doing good for people every day across our supply chain, employees and communities. 

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Better Future

Reducing our environmental footprint and protecting valuable forest ecosystems

A growing awareness of climate change and its impacts is increasing expectations for governments and companies to reduce carbon emissions, aligned with a future global warming target of 1.5°C or below. At Graphic Packaging, we’re pursuing 1.5°C aligned science-based carbon emissions reduction targets through smarter raw material choices, more efficient manufacturing practices, optimizing material transportation and logistics, and by obtaining more of our energy from renewable sources.

And we’re doing this in a way that conserves water and protects valuable forest ecosystems. Forests are seeing increased pressure to provide renewable raw material inputs and biofuel energy sources, while also acting as carbon sinks. This positions forests to be in high demand but also vulnerable. Special care must be taken to balance forest use and conservation through careful harvest, replanting and sustainable management, if we’re to shape a better future for our planet.

“Sustainability is the key to how we operate responsibly. It guides us in producing better products that solve real world problems; it steers us towards creating better opportunities for our people and our communities; and it reminds us to keep the planet front and center in our decision making so we can be proud of the future we’re creating.  At Graphic Packaging, we pursue doing better, every day.” 

Michelle Fitzpatrick

Chief Sustainability Officer

Michelle Fitzpatrick

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