Personal Care

Consumers are increasingly concerned with the environmental impact of packaging, with many studies indicating preferences for less plastic, more recycled content, and more recyclable packaging formats.

Brands and retailers also continue to pursue goals around plastic and packaging reduction, increased recyclability, and the use of more recycled content in packaging.

Person reaching for a skin care cream

Personal Care Portfolio Benefits

Our packaging portfolio for the personal care market includes formats for grooming, oral care, hair care, lip care, body care, and more.

Our solutions are designed to create differentiation and consumer engagement through innovative structural and graphic design while protecting the product from contamination, spoilage, and damage.
Our portfolio for the personal care market addresses these needs and more, with a wide range of formats that offer benefits including:

Sustainability Benefits
Plastic Reduction

Plastic reduction or elimination, even in more challenging formats such as blister packs  

Designed for Recyclability

Packaging designed for recyclability and/or that uses recycled materials  

Convenience Benefits
Consumer Convenience

Enhanced consumer convenience via easy-to-open features and tamper-evident pack

Consumer Engagement

Interactive elements such as augmented reality that can drive consumer engagement 

Print Enhancements

Beautiful graphic designs and eye-catching print enhancements including metallic inks and 3D effects 

Structural Design

Innovative structural design 

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Featured Product Innovation

Inspira Cosmetics Innovates Product Packaging with Hemp-Based Alternative

Partnering with Graphic Packaging International enabled Inspira Cosmetics to further its sustainability goals by transitioning to a paper-based packaging solution partially derived from natural hemp fibers.

Inspira Cosmetics


Featured Personal Care Packaging Materials

Roll of solid bleached sulfate SBS paperboard
Bleached Paperboard 

Bleached paperboard is made from 100 percent wood-based fiber, with a bright, white surface that delivers an excellent print performance.

Explore our range of sachet, pouch, and flow wrapping materials that optimize product quality and shelf life.
Pouch and Sachet Materials

We offer a comprehensive range of plastic films and fiber-based materials for sachets, pouches, and flow wrapping.  

Leaflets and Packaging Inserts
Leaflets and Packaging Inserts 

Leaflets and packaging inserts provide all the necessary information to support the end user with information for correct product use.   

the finishing touch

Featured Personal Care Packaging Finishes and Enhancements

Ideal for beauty, confectionery, personal care, and more, our folding cartons with windows help elevate your product by inviting consumers to take a peek.
Folding Cartons with Windows

Consumers love to see a product before they buy it, whether it’s to check the freshness of a salad, the vibrancy of a design, the quality of the material, etc. Incorporating windows into a carton is an ideal way to allow the consumer to see the product, while still protecting the contents.

Promotional Packaging
Promotional Packaging

Promotional packaging can be a great way to increase brand awareness, drive consumer engagement, achieve differentiation, and drive sales. 

Seasonal Calendars Packaging
Seasonal Calendars

Seasonal calendars are a great way to spread holiday cheer.

Cast & Cure Effects and Designs 
Cast & Cure Finishing

Create striking holographic effects to create differentiation and impact on the retail shelf.

Our shaped cartons offer innovative structural designs to help your product stand out on the retail shelf or to support your seasonal and promotional activities.
Shaped Cartons

Our shaped cartons employ attractive structural designs and stunning print effects to create differentiation, premiumization, and consumer engagement. 

Complex Gluing
Complex Gluing Solutions for Packaging

Complex gluing applications can transform a flat blank into an attractive and innovative structure, helping to create on-shelf differentiation.