Foodservice Packaging

A broad portfolio of quality single-use beverage cups and to-go food containers.

Whether you need cups, lids, food containers, carry-out cartons, or trays—including compliance foodservice packaging—we’ve got you covered.

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Foodservice Packaging Solutions

Our full range of to-go food packaging offers solutions for all your on-the-go needs. 

Hot Cups, Lids, and Accessories
Hot Cups, Lids, and Accessories

A full portfolio of paper cups, lids, and accessories for businesses serving hot beverages.

Cold cups and lids
Cold Cups, Lids, and Accessories

A full line of cups, lids, and accessories for businesses serving cold beverages.

Promote your brand on the go with our portfolio of to-go containers. Choose between paperboard clamshells, trays, plates, buckets, fry packaging, and more.
To-Go Food Packaging 

A full portfolio of to-go fiber-based food packaging that includes clamshells, trays, folding cartons, plates, buckets, containers, carriers, and fry packaging for businesses serving hot and cold foods.

ecotainer™ Commercially Compostable Packaging
ecotainer™ Commercially Compostable Packaging

The ecotainer™ foodservice packaging portfolio has a PLA biopolymer (as opposed to a fossil-fuel-based) coating. The range is commercially compostable where facilities exist, with ASTM and BPI certifications for compostability.

Compliance Foodservice Packaging

We have a broad portfolio of foodservice packaging that offers an effective alternative to polystyrene for areas where this material is banned.

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The Power of Paper

When it comes to single-use foodservice packaging, paper not only elevates your brand but can also help you take the customer experience to a whole new level.