Microwave and Ovenable Packaging

We offer a range of cooking solutions for the microwave or conventional oven for all food types. This includes susceptor trays and bowls for crisping, flexible susceptor packaging, and standard trays and bowls for dual-ovenable applications. Whether you’re looking to heat an individual fresh or frozen meal or crisp your favorite pizza, we have just the right solution.

Our susceptor cartons and cooking trays and bowls deliver a range of cooking solutions for the microwave or conventional oven for all food types.


Microwave and Ovenable Packaging Solutions

Susceptor Cartons, Trays, and Bowls

Our susceptor cartons, trays, and bowls deliver consistent browning and crisping of food. Ideal for snacks, frozen meals, pizzas, pies, and sandwiches, they can be customized depending on the shape and cooking requirements of the food. 

Ideal for crisping and browning snacks, pizzas, and pies, our susceptor cartons, trays and bowls are ideal for your frozen food applications and ready meals.

Flexible Susceptor Packaging

Flexible susceptors include MicroFlex-Q™ and QuiltWave™ packaging which are lightweight, printed susceptor films that deliver high quality browning and crisping performance.

Flexible susceptors provide an easy-to-heat solution that runs efficiently on current sealing equipment.

Flexible Susceptor Packaging

Trays and Bowls for Microwave and Oven Heating

Our range of paperboard trays and bowls designed for heating food in the microwave or conventional oven deliver quality and convenience. 

We offer a range of tray-sealing options for a wide range of fresh and frozen food types, from large meals to individual items. 

Our range of fiber-based trays and bowls for microwave and oven heating deliver convenience and quality for many types of food.

Pokshin Partners With Graphic Packaging on Sustainable Frozen Food Sleeve

Jaback Group partnered with us on a packaging solution to provide superior cooking performance and brand differentiation in the frozen food aisle.