Lidding Films

We offer a full range of lidding films for thermoforming and tray-sealing machines. The barrier is tailored, so product quality and shelf life can be optimized for a wide range of applications including food, healthcare, home, and industrial.

The films are designed to perform with minimal use of resources and the tailored barrier and good mechanical strength reduce the risk of food waste.

Lidding Films

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Lidding Film Benefits

Ideal for use with our portfolio of trays, and where high-barrier, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is needed. Food contact approved, the lidding films offer features such as easy-peel and can incorporate high-quality flexo printing to give your product a visual advantage.

Sustainability Benefits
  • Mono plastic options that are recyclable 
Barrier Protection
  • Mono plastic options that are recyclable
  • Excellent sealing properties
Brand and Marketing Benefits
Brand & Marketing
  • Easy-peel and reclosure features 
  • Advanced printing options 

Lidding Film Solutions

The range complements our range of thermoformable base webs for perfect pack integrity and process efficiency. We can customize flexible packs that are adapted to cover your exact specifications and our skilled technical service team will support you throughout the process.

Fibrecote™ Flexible Packaging Material

Fibrecote™ is a flexible packaging material suitable for a variety of pack formats such as lidding, sachets, pouches, flow wraps, and unformed base webs. It runs efficiently on existing form-fill-seal (FFS) lines and is ideal for a range of applications. 

Fibrecote™ is a fiber-based flexible packaging material for a range of applications.

ONP and NP Lidding Films

ONP and NP are tough polyamide-based films for more demanding applications including hard cheese, processed meats, frozen foods as well as medical devices. 
The films are suitable both for lidding film applications as well as horizontal and vertical form, fill and seal applications (HFFS/VFFS). 

ONP and NP Polyamide-Based Lidding Films

Ecobar™ Lidding Film

Ecobar™ is a high-performance lidding film that has been designed for more demanding modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) applications, including our tray portfolio. 

Based on oriented polyester, it provides a wider operating window on packaging lines to boost efficiency and productivity. 

Ecobar™ is a high-performance lidding film that is ideal for demanding modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) applications.

Ecotop High-Clarity Lidding Film

Ecotop is a high-barrier, easy-open film with anti-fog properties. It’s ideal for our portfolio of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) tray applications, including fresh protein, chilled foods, fresh pasta, and more. 

Ecotop™ is a high-barrier, easy-open film with anti-fog properties that is ideal for fresh protein, chilled foods, prepared salads, and more.

Ecoseal Lidding Film for High Temperature Applications

Ecoseal is a high-stability laminate with excellent heat resistance. The versatile range of sealing layers makes it ideal for demanding high-temperature sealing jaws. 

Ecoseal is a high-performance, heat resistant lidding film that is ideal for high temperature applications.

EcoLite PET-Sealing Lidding Film

EcoLite is a lidding film for sealing PET, with excellent transparency for superior product presentation. It has strong seal integrity and is puncture resistant.  

EcoLite™ PET-Sealing Lidding Film