Pressed Trays and Bowls

A portfolio of pressed trays and bowls that includes pressed paperboard and MicroRite™ susceptor technology trays. Suitable for a wide range of product applications, including chilled and frozen foods, entrees, sides, and snacks, and available in many shapes and sizes.

Our portfolio of pressed tray packaging is highly customizable to suit the product application, offering an ideal alternative to traditional plastic trays without compromising performance.

Pressed Trays and Bowls

Pressed Tray and Bowl Benefits

Sustainability Benefits
Plastic Substitution

A range of effective alternatives to traditional plastic trays and bowls 

Convenience Benefits

Take food from the refrigerator or freezer to the oven or microwave with ease 


Pressed Tray and Bowl Solutions

Pressed Board Trays and Bowls

Pressed board trays and bowls provide consumers with an economical, fiber-based alternative to CPET and PE plastic trays.   

Our broad range of trays and bowls provides functional and market-focused enhancements, including single and multi-compartment designs, microwave-active materials, rolled rim availability on certain structures, and interior/exterior print capabilities. 

Pressed Board Trays and Bowls

MicroRite™ Microwavable and Ovenable Pressed Trays and Bowls

MicroRite™ products manage microwave energy to provide even heating during cooking. 

Using a special patterned foil design, MicroRite can minimize moisture loss and overcooked edges to preserve food quality, while reducing the cooking time by up to 50% for some foods compared to standard paperboard or CPET trays. 

A fiber-based alternative to CPET trays, MicroRite™ delivers even heating for your food applications and reduces cooking time.

Hormel Pressed Trays Deliver On-The-Go Convenience

Hormel launched its Black Label Oven-Baked Egg Bites in our new dual-compartment microwavable pressed
board trays, allowing for on-the-go convenience in just 60 seconds,