LithoFlute Litho-Laminated Heavyweight Cartons

Our LithoFlute litho-laminated corrugated premium packaging provides the strength and durability of a corrugated box with the strong visual appeal of a folding carton. 

Available in various profiles, LithoFlute cartons provide a cost-effective alternative to conventional heavyweight folding cartons packed in corrugated cases, while still providing maximum strength and high-impact graphics. 

Strength is achieved by combining a printed top sheet with a back liner and fluted medium. Available flute profiles include C, B, D, E, F, and N. 

LithoFlute Litho-Laminated Heavyweight Cartons

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LithoFlute Benefits

Sustainability Benefits
  • Reduces overall fiber use as the need for an additional outer carton is eliminated when shipping finished products  
  • Without an outer case, more packs can be transported per load, reducing transport emissions  
  • Recyclable in household waste streams 
Consumer Experience Benefits
Consumer Experience
  • Provides a strong, high-performance pack with strong visual appeal 
Operational Efficiency Benefits
Operational Efficiency
  • Reduces resources by optimizing fiber 
  • Reduce transportation costs and emissions through material reduction 
Brand and Marketing Benefits
Brand and Marketing
  • Premium and differentiated packaging that is made from renewable resources is recyclable and enhances brand awareness 

LithoFlute Features

  • Premium packaging that enhances brand awareness 
  • High-impact graphics, including film laminations and other enhancements 
  • Great for mid-to-large volume retail and club store applications 
  • Ideal for e-Commerce applications 
LithoFlute Litho-Laminated Heavyweight Cartons

LithoFlute Applications

Pet Care
Pet Care Products
Club Store
Dry Goods
Personal Care
Household Products
Lawn and Garden
IntegraFlute - Girl pouring dog food into dog bowl

How to Avoid Over-Specification in Strength Packaging

When designing packaging for large-sized items that are destined for club, mass or e-commerce applications, strength, material reduction and right-sizing are critical elements to consider.

Learn more about the ways you can optimize your strength packaging to avoid over-specification in our eBook.