Freezer Paper

Freezer paper (also called butcher paper) is a paper-based flexible packaging material used to wrap fresh meat and other deli items so the consumer can safely transport them home and straight into the freezer if desired, for a period of up to 15 months. Designed with an excellent barrier coating, our freezer paper protects the food from moisture and low temperatures. 

FDA-compliant for direct food contact, freezer paper uses long and coarse fibers for extra durability and performance.  

Freezer Paper

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Freezer Paper Benefits

Sustainability Benefits

Fiber used meets the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) Certified Sourcing standards, ensuring it comes from sustainably managed forests.


Durable paper designed to withstand being dropped into baskets or handled roughly.

Water moisture vapour
Barrier Properties

Consistent barrier performance that prevents unwanted leaking.


Flexibility of specification depending on your needs:

  • Kold-Lok™: 3-6 month freezer protection  
  • Freshgard™: 6-9 month freezer protection  
  • Super Loxol™: 12-15 month freezer protection