The global foodservice market is expected to grow by double-digits from 2023 to 2030 due to several factors including the increase of online retailing, the growth of the middle classes in emerging markets (who are anticipated to eat out more), and the rising demand for healthy and convenient food options.

At the same time, foodservice consumers are becoming more demanding in terms of their desire for quality, value, and convenience, and are increasingly looking for foodservice packaging solutions that deliver these features, while keeping sustainability top of mind.

Foodservice Packaging

Flexible Packaging

Strength Packaging


We provide a wide portfolio of high-quality single-use food containers, cups, lids, and more, with great customization potential to ensure your brand shines.

From quick-service restaurants to convenience stores and hotel chains, we provide the foodservice packaging solutions for the applications you need at the quality you demand.


A self-service shop offering a wide variety of food, beverages, and household products

Quick Service Restaurants
Quick Service Restaurants

A restaurant categorized by fast service, a casual atmosphere, and a focused menu

Convenience Stores

A small local store where you can buy a variety of goods

Business and Industry

Organizations engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activities

Convenience Stores

A dedicated space within a single-brand store that is used by a non-related but complementary brand


Institutions that provide a learning environment


Organizations that serve the food industry

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Featured Foodservice Products

We provide high-quality single-use food containers, cups, lids, and more for any foodservice brand.

Hold&Go™ Insulated Paper Hot Cups
Hold&Go™ Insulated Paper Hot Cups 

Our Hold&Go™ insulated paper hot cups use ThermaShield™ technology to provide a versatile solution for hot on-the-go beverages. Hold&Go is ideal for operators looking for a high-quality printed cup with sturdy construction for their consumers that doesn’t sacrifice speed of service. 

ecotainer™ Commercially Compostable Packaging
ecotainer™ Food Containers 

ecotainer™ paper food containers are made from plant-based fiber from sustainably managed forests, with a PLA biopolymer coating. The lids are made from PLA biopolymer. The range is commercially compostable where facilities exist, with ASTM and BPI certifications for compostability. 

EconoPaxx™ To-Go Food Containers
EconoPaxx™ To-Go Food Containers

The EconoPaxx™ line of to-go containers for hot and cold food is made from 100 percent recycled fiber and is PE-coated for enhanced grease and moisture protection.