Takeout Boxes, Barns, and Pails

Our takeout containers, boxes, and pails are an easy and convenient way to safely transport a meal from a restaurant to a chosen destination and are ideal for single or family-style meals.

The rectangular meal boxes have a large opening on the top and locking tabs on the side. The takeout barn boxes come with a handle on the top and are designed to hold heavier items. Our takeout pails are smaller containers with flaps on the top and a locking hook as a closure.

The containers are made from white bleached paperboard with a grease-resistant barrier on the inside for added protection against seeping liquids. Ideal for both hot and cold foods, they work well with everything from baked goods to chicken pieces, and burgers to rice and side dishes.

A truly versatile portfolio.

Takeout Boxes, Barns, and Pails

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Takeout Boxes, Barns, and Pails Benefits

Sustainability Benefits

An effective alternative to foam and rigid plastic containers or plastic bags and wraps 

Operational Efficiency

Ship and store flat and are easy to assemble 
Can be used for hot or cold items 

Consumer Experience

Locking and carrying features keep the contents securely in place 

Concessions Packaging

Popcorn and fountain drinks are a staple for concessions. Explore our complete product line for all of your concession needs.

Takeout Container and Pail Formats

Takeout Pails: 
  • Small, medium, and large sizes 
  • Locking tab on the top to keep flaps cold and to preserve the food temperature as long as possible 
Takeout Boxes and Barns: 
  • Single to double meal-sized boxes 
  • Can accommodate a sandwich, burger, two to four chicken tenders, and a side dish on its own or in one of our cylindrical paper food containers 
  • Barns can accommodate multiple food containers with paper-wrapped or clamshell food items 
  • All styles have a locking feature to secure the food; barns also come with a top handle 

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