EconoPaxx™ To-Go Food Containers

The EconoPaxx™ line of to-go food containers is made from 100 percent recycled fiber* and is PE-coated for enhanced grease and moisture protection. It comes with four flaps on the top that easily fold into place and lock for easy transport. 

EconoPaxx is great for a range of hot and cold food items, ranging from salads, pasta, wings, and sandwiches. This versatility and flexibility can allow operators to carry fewer packaging SKUs to service to-go orders. 

*All the recycled paperboard that we sell meets the requirements of the Recycled Paperboard Alliance 100% (RPA100), Sustainable Forestry Initiative® Certified Sourcing, and Forest Stewardship Council® Chain of Custody certification programs. The RPA100 certification program, which is third-party audited, validates that the paperboard is made with 100% recycled fiber.  A copy of our current certificates can be found on our website.    

EconoPaxx™ To-Go Food Containers

EconoPaxx Benefits

Sustainability Benefits
  • Made with paperboard that uses 100% recycled fiber  
Operational Efficiency
  • Stackable to limit the amount of counter space needed  
  • Holds a variety of meal types to minimize the number of packaging SKUs required for service 
Brand & Marketing
  • Custom printing or plain options available 
Consumer Experience
  • Ensures hands and clothing stays free of grease thanks to the PE barrier coating 
  • Locking mechanism allows it to stay securely closed during travel 
  • Use for hot and cold foods, allowing for maximum versatility from one container
  • #1 to #9 sizes 

EconoPaxx Applications

Quick Service Restaurants
Quick Service Restaurants
Convenience Stores
Business and Industry
Convenience Stores

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