Wrap-Style Multipack Cartons for Food and Beverage Applications

Wrap-style multipack solutions offer the right amount of coverage to protect and secure your food or beverage products while maintaining visibility of the primary pack.  

Wrap-style cartons are available for multiple can sizes and bottle styles in a number of different configurations, up to 12-pack. Differentiate your pack with innovative wrap styles such as straight, top and bottom gusset, or add features such as panels or integrated handle or opening options.  

Our Marksman™ multipack machinery range includes manual, low to mid-speed and high-speed options for wrap-style multipack applications. 

Wrap-Style Multipack Cartons for Food and Beverage Applications

Wrap-Style Multipack Cartons Benefits

Sustainability Benefits
  • Made from renewable fiber from sustainably managed forests
  • Easy to recycle after use
  • Economy style packs available
  • No glue
Operational Efficiency
  • Can fit all can diameters and heights
  • Multiple configurations
  • Runs at range of speeds on manual to fully automated solutions
  • Arrives as flat blank, offering transport and storage reductions
  • Fully integrated solution running on our range of Marksman™ machinery
Customer Experience
  • Variety of carry features (handles, finger holes etc)
  • Can lids covered
  • Showcase your cans on pack ends
  • High pack integrity

See Our Wrap-Style Multipack Innovation in Action

case study

Orangina Elevates the Consumers’ Experience with Fiber-Based Carton

Orangina chose Graphic Packaging to showcase its unique, orange-shaped bottle with a custom neck-through wrap with eye-catching graphics.

Orangina Elevates the Consumers' Experience with Fiber-Based Carton

Molson Coors Replaces Plastic Rings with a Fiber-Based Wrap-Style Multipack Solution

Molson Coors partnered with Graphic Packaging International to replace its plastic rings with a fiber-based wrap-style multipack solution.