Flexible Susceptor Packaging

Flexible susceptors include MicroFlex-Q™ and QuiltWave™ packaging which are flexible, lightweight, printed susceptors that deliver high-quality browning and crisping performance. They boast consumer-friendly features that are ideal for snacks, appetizers, sandwiches, and grab-n-go food products.  

Designed to run on traditional vertical form fill seal (VFFS) or horizontal form fill and seal (HFFS) lines, flexible susceptors provide an on-the-go solution with minimal operational impact. Products either have retail-facing graphics for grab-and-go items or can be placed inside a custom-printed folding carton. 

Flexible Susceptor Packaging

Flexible Susceptor Benefits

Sustainability Benefits
Plastic Reduction

Paper alternative to plastic film 

Consumer Experience Benefits
Cooking Efficiency

Allow consumers to enjoy everyday meals through prepping in the microwave

Retail Ready

Provide moisture and grease resistance with an exceptional print surface 


Flexible Susceptor Packaging Solutions

Our flexible susceptors provide an easy-to-heat solution that runs efficiently on current sealing equipment.

MicroFlex-Q™ Flexible Susceptor Food Packaging for the Microwave 

MicroFlex-Q™ is a flexible paper-based packaging film with susceptor technology on the inside for browning and crisping and printed graphics on the outside for great shelf appeal. It’s ideal for grab-and-go items such as paninis and burritos.

Ideal for grab-and-go food items, MicroFlex-Q™ is flexible food packaging with susceptor technology that provides browning and crisping.

QuiltWave™ Flexible Susceptor Film

QuiltWave™ is a flexible, lightweight, printed susceptor film that delivers excellent browning and crisping performance in the microwave for irregularly shaped food products. 

QuiltWave ™ is a flexible, lightweight, printed susceptor film, specially designed to brown and crisp irregularly shaped food products.

Pokshin Partners with Graphic Packaging for Sustainable Frozen Food Sleeve

Jaback Group partnered with Graphic Packaging International (Graphic Packaging) for a packaging solution that provides superior cooking performance and brand differentiation in the frozen food aisle.