ONP and NP Lidding Films

ONP and NP are tough polyamide-based films for more demanding applications including hard cheese, processed meats, frozen foods as well as medical devices.

The films are suitable both for lidding film applications as well as horizontal and vertical form, fill and seal applications (HFFS/VFFS).

The range includes options for lower sealing temperatures, higher puncture resistance, and increased hot tack, combined with easy-opening options to enhance consumer convenience.

ONP and NP Lidding Films

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ONP and NP Benefits

Consumer Experience Benefits
Consumer Experience

Easy-peel or laser-scoring to promote easy opening  

Operational Efficiency Benefits
Operational Efficiency

Optimized structures for high machine efficiency 


Sustainability Benefits
Prepared Salads
Sliced Meats and Cheeses
Ready-to-Eat Meals
Fresh and Processed Meats
Prepared Foods
Chilled Foods