Gift Boxes

The perfect packaging solution for high-value products, gift boxes can help to deliver a wonderful unboxing experience for your consumers.

Available in standard or custom shapes and sizes, and with high-quality custom graphics that can be combined with a variety of print finishes and enhancements.

Gift Boxes

Gift Box Benefits

Brand & Marketing
  • Standard options available or select a custom shape and size to perfectly meet your requirements
  • High-quality print with a range of eye-catching finishes and enhancements to create a sense of luxury
Customer Experience
  • Help to create a memorable unboxing experience
  • Tactile print effects can add a new dimension to the unboxing experience

Bonne Maman’s Gift Box Carton Elevates Consumer Experience

Bonne Maman needed packaging to release their new “Made for You” gift item designed for their E-Shop. The unique gift option consists of eight mini jars of preserves and honey and emphasizes a theme of sharing, caring, and enjoying. The package needed to align with the company’s elegant branding, showcase the product inside and provide customers with a premium gift experience.