Ecotop High-Clarity Lidding Film

Ecotop is a high-barrier, polyolefin-based film for lidding and flowpack applications.

Available in mono PE, mono PP, or mixed PO versions, it has superior clarity and offers excellent product protection for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). It exhibits excellent performance on form-fill-seal (FFS) lines and tray-lidding machines.

Ecotop lidding films match our range of thermoformable base webs for supreme pack integrity and process efficiency and can be printed with high-impact graphics.

Ecotop mixed PO is available in a glossy or matte finish. Ideal for use with our portfolio of trays, including fresh protein, chilled foods, fresh pasta, and more.

Ecotop High-Clarity Lidding Film

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Ecotop Benefits

Sustainability Benefits

Ecotop mono PP is designed for recycling in accordance with CEFLEX D4ACE guidelines. 

Brand and Marketing Benefits
Brand and Marketing

Based on oriented polypropylene, it produces packs with a particularly attractive, exceptionally flat surface finish. 

Ecotop Applications

Fresh and Processed Meats
Prepared Foods
Chilled Foods
Sustainability Benefits
Prepared Salads
Sliced Meats and Cheeses
Ready-to-Eat Meals