Folding Cartons with Windows

Consumers love to see a product before they buy it, whether it’s to check the freshness of a salad, the vibrancy of a design, or the quality of the material.

Incorporating windows into a carton is an ideal way to allow the consumer to see the product, while still protecting the contents. The size and format are individually developed to fit the packaging, the product, and the supply chain process. 

Windows can be added in various sizes, styles, and materials (plastic or cellulose), and our packaging expertise allows us to recommend the ideal solution for your needs.  

Folding Cartons with Windows

Windowed Cartons Benefits

Promote Visibility

The best way for consumers to see your product without compromising safety.  

Custom Solutions

The design of the integrated window is developed to meet your needs.

Range of Films

Window films are available in PET, rPET, cellulose, and translucent paper.

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