Structural and Design Enhancements

Structural and design enhancements such as shaped cartons can be used to deliver many benefits including increased brand awareness by helping your product stand out on the shelf and making it look more attractive or desirable; improving product usability, for example by making it easier to open, close, store, or use; communicating a product’s personality via playful or whimsical structural designs; improving the visibility of the product, for example, by using folding cartons with windows; and creating exciting gifts such as seasonal calendars.

A display of a seasonal calendar packaging

Structural and Design Enhancements Solutions

Structural and design enhancements include the use of unique shapes to create differentiation on the retail shelf, innovative seasonal calendars, and the use of integrated windows. 

Shaped Cartons

Our shaped cartons employ attractive structural designs and stunning print effects to create differentiation, premiumization, and consumer engagement. 

Our shaped cartons offer innovative structural designs to help your product stand out on the retail shelf or to support your seasonal and promotional activities.

Seasonal Calendars

Seasonal calendars are a great way to spread holiday cheer.  

Our calendars combine unique formats, high-quality printing, and eye-catching enhancements to create the perfect result for your brand.

Seasonal Calendars Packaging

Folding Cartons with Windows

Consumers love to see a product before they buy it, whether it’s to check the freshness of a salad, the vibrancy of a design, the quality of the material, etc. Incorporating windows into a carton is an ideal way to allow the consumer to see the product, while still protecting the contents.

Ideal for beauty, confectionery, personal care, and more, our folding cartons with windows help elevate your product by inviting consumers to take a peek.

Bonne Maman’s Gift Box Carton Elevates Consumer Experience

Bonne Maman needed packaging to release their new “Made for You” gift item designed for their E-Shop. The unique gift option consists of eight mini jars of preserves and honey and emphasizes a theme of sharing, caring, and enjoying. The package needed to align with the company’s elegant branding, showcase the product inside and provide customers with a premium gift experience.