Holographic Effects and Designs

Holographic effects create reflective accents on selected areas of your packaging to enhance the overall visual impact, creating a 3D effect on a flat surface. Dots, lines, waves, and other unique elements can be included in the light-refracting surface to create striking effects.  

Holographic Effects and Designs

Holographic Effects Benefits

Visual Impact

Creates stand-out impact on the retail shelf, with a variety of possible design elements, including dots, lines, waves and more.


Recreating holographic effects is challenging for counterfeiters to do due to the specialized nature of the process.

Quality Results

Our expert team creates consistent, high-quality results every time, regardless of volume.

How It’s Done

Incorporating specialized effects in the packaging can be helpful to protect the product from counterfeiting, as they are difficult to recreate. 

Depending on the desired look, the manufacturing process is done inline or offline, ensuring consistent, high-quality results every time. 

Holographic Packaging Effects and Designs


Holographic Effects and Designs Solutions

Enhance your packaging’s overall visual impact, creating a 3D effect on a flat surface.

Cast & Cure Finishing

Create striking holographic effects to create differentiation and impact on the retail shelf. 

Cast & Cure Effects and Designs 

Kellogg’s® Enhanced Carton With Holographic Laminated Board

Kellogg’s® brings excitement to the cereal aisle and demand among fans by enhancing the Disney’s Frozen® 2 carton with holographic laminated board.

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