Anti-Counterfeit and Grey Market Coding Packaging Measures

Consumers expect authenticity when buying a premium product, and for the pharmaceutical industry, the guarantee of authenticity is vital to ensure patient safety. But high value markets are attractive to counterfeiters.  

Our state-of-the-art anti-counterfeit and grey market coding packaging solution can help prevent this fraud, ensuring your brand integrity is maintained with consumers, and patients are protected from harm. 

Combining intelligent structural design, innovative finishing technologies such as holograms and digital fingerprints, and hidden variations in coding, we will help integrate protection into your packaging portfolio.

Anti-Counterfeit and Grey Market Coding Packaging Measures


  • We offer a range of solutions to align with your anti-counterfeit strategy 
  • We have many successful anti-counterfeit packaging commercializations  
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  • We help you mitigate the risk of counterfeiting in your luxury goods or pharmaceutical product portfolio