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Packaging for the home and garden market plays a crucial role in attracting consumers, communicating product information, and ensuring the safety and integrity of the product.

From standard folding cartons to strength packaging that delivers impact and functionality, we provide packaging solutions uniquely tailored to your home and garden brand needs.

Home and Garden Packaging Considerations

When selecting packaging for the home and garden market, it’s important to consider several factors.

Brand and Marketing Benefits

Packaging should reflect your brand identity and be consistent with your overall branding strategy. Applying high-quality graphics and interesting print finishes and enhancements can help to elevate your packaging and differentiate you from your competitors. 

Sustainability Benefits
Environmental Sustainability

As consumers’ environmental concerns continue to grow, the use of sustainable packaging becomes increasingly important. Using packaging with less plastic and made from materials from renewable sources, minimizing excess packaging, and using materials that are easily recyclable can help reduce the environmental impact.

Durability and Protection

Home and garden products may require packaging that is sturdy and offers enhanced protection to prevent damage during transportation, handling, and storage. 

Convenience Benefits
Consumer Convenience

Incorporate consumer-friendly features such as tear strips, handles, or resealable options for convenient storage and reuse.

SPAX Powerlag Fastener Packaging Gets a Sleek Yet Functional Upgrade

To simplify production and reduce inventory, Altenloh, Brinck & Co. needed a new packaging solution that would work across multiple retailers. The design of the packing solution needed to support easy hand filling to increase production efficiency. The solution also needed to simplify package labeling while clearly indicating part number, specifications and color coding.


Packaging Solutions for Home and Garden Brands


Offering a range of structural and design enhancements, from tamper evidence to barrier protection and premium finishes, our paperboard packaging is an ideal solution for a variety of products found in the home.


Designed to meet the demands of garden supplies, our portfolio of strength and hybrid paperboard packaging solutions offer high compression strength with intelligent structural design and additional barrier protection for sensitive ingredients. 

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Featured Home and Garden Product

IntegraFlute™ Bag-in-Box Packaging

IntegraFlute™ is an omnichannel solution that provides an alternative to large plastic bags and buckets. It’s an integrated bag-in-box solution for large-format packaging that preserves and protects the product and is easy for the consumer to handle and recycle.

IntegraFlute™ Bag-in-Box Hybrid Barrier SIOC Packaging


Home and Garden Packaging Solutions

From standard folding cartons to strength packaging that delivers impact and functionality, we provide packaging solutions uniquely tailored to your home and garden brand needs.

Standard Folding Cartons
Standard Folding Cartons

We offer a wide variety of folding cartons designed to protect your product through the supply chain, optimize production filling speeds, and stand out on the retail shelf.

Z-Flute™ Laminated Heavyweight Folding Carton
Z-Flute™ Strategically Laminated Folding Cartons

Z-Flute™ is a solid fiber design that incorporates strategic reinforcement where compression strength is needed, delivering a heavyweight folding carton with the strength of a corrugated box. 

LithoFlute Litho-Laminated Heavyweight Cartons
LithoFlute Litho-Laminated Heavyweight Cartons

LithoFlute litho-laminated corrugated premium packaging provides the strength and durability of a corrugated box with the strong visual appeal of a folding carton. 

Boardio™ Fiber-Based Canister Packaging
Boardio™ Paperboard Canister

With more than 80 percent fiber, Boardio™ has a unique shape with space for product information and branding on all six sides and offers excellent protection for a range of applications.  

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Home and Garden Packaging Materials

Roll of coated unbleached kraft (CUK) paperboard
Unbleached Paperboard 

Our range of unbleached paperboards provides excellent strength and printability.  

Roll of solid bleached sulfate SBS paperboard
Bleached Paperboard 

Bleached paperboard is made from 100 percent wood-based fiber, with a bright, white surface that delivers an excellent print performance.

Roll of coated recycled paperboard (CRB)
Recycled Paperboard

Recycled paperboard offers superior package integrity and is designed to provide outstanding packaging line efficiency and performance.


Featured Machinery

FlexSleeve™ Paperboard Sleeve-Wrapping Machine

FlexSleeve™ is designed to apply paperboard wraps or sleeves to trays, cups, containers and other consumer products.

High-Speed Top Load Carton Formers
Top Load Carton Formers

Carton formers that are not only high-speed and flexible but also offer a no-tool changeover solution for carton forming.

custom robotic solutions
Custom Robotic Machinery Solutions

Robotic packaging solutions customized for your product application.

the finishing touch

Featured Finishes and Enhancements

Metallic Packaging Designs and Finishes
Metallic Effects and Designs

Metallic finishing effects on fiber-based packaging create a sense of luxury and elevate the brand image to a premium level.

Complex Gluing
Complex Gluing Solutions for Packaging

Complex gluing applications can transform a flat blank into an attractive and innovative structure, helping to create on-shelf differentiation.

Our shaped cartons offer innovative structural designs to help your product stand out on the retail shelf or to support your seasonal and promotional activities.
Shaped Cartons

Our shaped cartons employ attractive structural designs and stunning print effects to create differentiation, premiumization, and consumer engagement.