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Innovations That Enhance Life’s Everyday Moments

Innovation is at the core of everything we do. It begins with analyzing consumer trends and pushing the limits of what we are capable of. That spark of what could be possible is what leads to packaging that can make a world of difference. 

Innovation Highlights

We create innovative packaging solutions that solve today’s real-life problems in a feasible, cost-effective way. Explore our paperboard packaging innovations.

Boardio™ Fiber-Based Canister Packaging - Coffee
Boardio™ Paper Canister

Boardio™ is a paper-based alternative to rigid plastic, glass, and metal containers. Comprised of more than 80 percent fiber, Boardio is recyclable in typical paper and board waste diversion programs. It has won numerous prestigious awards, including the 2023 Leadership in Sustainability Award for the Circular Value Chain by the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA).

Round Retail Food Containers
Round Retail Food Containers

Paper food containers are an ideal way to transition out of plastic as they can be used with hot liquids and are safe for use in the microwave. They can also be top-sealed for optimum shelf-life and safety.

IntegraFlute™ Bag-in-Box Hybrid Barrier SIOC Packaging
IntegraFlute™ Bag-in-Box Packaging

IntegraFlute™ is an omnichannel solution that replaces large plastic bags and buckets with a hybrid structure that combines a flexible inner bag with the structural protection of a fluted box. It offers consumers great convenience thanks to the integrated handle, easy-pour dispensing feature, and reclosable hinged lid.

ProducePack Punnet
ProducePack™ Punnet Tray

An effective alternative to traditional PP and APET punnet trays, the ProducePack™ Punnet tray has been developed with growers, packers, and machinery suppliers in mind to ensure that it offers operational efficiency and a shelf-life equivalent to traditional plastic punnets.

ecotainer™ Cold Cups
ecotainer™ Portfolio

The ecotainer™ foodservice packaging portfolio utilizes a PLA biopolymer coating and is commercially compostable where facilities exist, with ASTM and BPI certifications for compostability. This range helps to decrease reliance on fossil-based coatings and the fiber used meets Sustainable Forestry Initiative® standards. 

KeelClip™ Clip-Style Multipack Folding Carton for Cans
KeelClip™ Clip-Style Multipack Carton for Cans

KeelClip™ is a clip-style carton designed for multipacks of canned beverages. A paper-based, recyclable alternative to plastic rings and shrink film, in 2022 alone, it was responsible for the elimination of plastic in over 360,000 multipacks.

Source: Romain Pertin, Brandon Bass (limited to SAP factories)

EnviroClip Clip-Style Multipacks for PET Bottles
EnviroClip™ Clip-Style Multipack Carton for PET Bottles 

EnviroClip™ is an innovative solution for beverage brands looking to reduce their reliance on plastic in their PET bottle multipack portfolio. It uses significantly less paperboard than most other multipack carton styles and is recyclable in household recycling streams.

PaperSeal™ Shape Tray for Ready-to-Eat Food
PaperSeal™ Shape Paperboard Tray

Part of our multi-award-winning PaperSeal™ tray portfolio, PaperSeal Shape offers new and innovative structures, including round, deep, and multi-compartment options. With an 80 to 90 percent reduction in plastic versus a traditional tray, it still delivers equivalent barrier and shelf-life performance.

A fiber-based alternative to CPET trays, MicroRite™ delivers even heating for your food applications and reduces cooking time.
MicroRite™ Pressed Board Trays and Bowls

MicroRite™ products manage microwave energy to provide even heating during cooking. Using a special patterned foil design, MicroRite can minimize moisture loss to preserve food quality, while reducing the cooking time by up to 50 percent for some foods compared to standard paperboard or CPET trays. 

Graphic Packaging’s Pioneering Boardio Technology Earns Sustainability Award from American Forest & Paper Association

“Our goal is to improve access everywhere to consumer packaging made from renewable resources. By helping our customers—and their consumers—transition from plastic, we can make a world of difference for our planet. We’re honored to receive this recognition, thanks to the passion and creativity of our talented team and our customer, Perfetti Van Melle.”

Michael P. Doss
President and CEO, Graphic Packaging