PaperSeal™ Shape Tray

The PaperSeal™ Shape tray is the latest addition to the multi-award-winning PaperSeal fiber-based tray portfolio. It’s ideal for fresh, prepared fruit and salads, dips, and chilled ready-to-eat foods where a modified atmosphere is required to maintain shelf life. 

PaperSeal Shape reduces plastic by 80–90 percent when compared to a traditional plastic tray. 

It delivers excellent rigidity thanks to the double-flange construction and is perfect for non-rectangular and multi-compartment trays as well as deeper tray formats. 

Developed in partnership with G. Mondini, a world leader in tray sealing technology, PaperSeal trays offer an effective, recyclable alternative to traditional plastic trays. 

PaperSeal™ Shape Tray

PaperSeal Shape Tray Benefits

Sustainability Benefits
  • Because the body of the tray is made from paperboard, PaperSeal Shape trays typically use 80-90% less plastic than traditional trays, depending on application1  
  • The liner is easily separated from the paperboard portion of the tray after use so that the paperboard can be recycled in household waste streams2  
  • Can be supplied unlined if a barrier is not required, eliminating plastic from the main body of the tray  
  • The paperboard is made from renewable plant-based fiber, sourced from sustainably managed forests 
Consumer Experience Benefits
Consumer Experience
  • The double-flange, rigid tray delivers a seal integrity equivalent to a plastic tray 
  • The integrity of the seal ensures the product stays fresh, delivering a shelf-life equivalent to a plastic tray 
Operational Efficiency Benefits
Operational Efficiency
  • The tray can be supplied formed or flat, the latter resulting in lower transport and storage costs compared to pre-made trays 
  • Reduced inventory requirements thanks to the availability of smaller minimum purchase quantities 
  • Can be run on existing tray sealing machines, removing the need for investment in new equipment 3 
Brand and Marketing Benefits
Brand and Marketing
  • High-quality graphics can be printed on both the internal and external surface, delivering on-shelf differentiation 

1 Plastic reduction figures are for the tray and exclude the lidding film, which is expected to be similar to film used for current trays. Each PaperSeal tray is specified on a case-by-case basis to minimize plastic content, at levels even below 10% where possible. 

2 In some countries (depending on the percentage of plastic), the lined tray is accepted for recycling without the liner having been removed. 

3 Modification of the sealing tool may be required.   

See PaperSeal in Action

Watch to learn more about the PaperSeal line of trays.

PaperSeal Shape Tray Features


Ideal for round, multi-compartment, and deeper trays

Various Liners

Various liners and paperboards offer technical solutions to suit any product 

Chilled Ready-to-Eat Foods

Recommended for chilled ready-to-eat foods, dips, salads, and prepared fruit

PaperSeal Shape Tray Applications

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
Prepared Foods
Prepared Salads
Prepared Fruit