PaperSeal™ Cook Tray

PaperSeal™ Cook is a fiber-based tray for oven and microwave-ready chilled and frozen food applications. 

It offers a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic cook-at-home convenience food trays, delivering a plastic reduction of up to 80%. 

The tray has a unique construction that delivers increased rigidity, and as it is formed from a single piece of paperboard, it requires no folding or gluing. 

PaperSeal™ Cook Tray

PaperSeal Cook Benefits

Sustainability Benefits
  • The PaperSeal Cook tray delivers a plastic reduction of 80% compared to a traditional thermoformed tray1     
  • The liner can be easily separated from the paperboard tray after use, enabling easy recycling of the tray 2 
  • The paperboard is produced from renewable plant-based fiber sourced from sustainably managed forests 
  • Trays can be supplied formed or flat, the latter resulting in lower transport emissions compared to formed plastic trays as more trays can be delivered per shipment 
Consumer Experience Benefits
Consumer Experience
  • The unique, reinforced, continuous sealing flange delivers a seal integrity equal to traditional plastic trays. 
  • The hermetically sealed tray provides a shelf life equivalent to traditional trays 
Operational Efficiency Benefits
Operational Efficiency
  • The ready-to-cook packaging is suitable for chilled and frozen applications that can be cooked in the microwave or a traditional oven 
  • Trays can be supplied flat resulting in lower transport and storage costs compared to pre-made trays due to increased packaging efficiency 
  • As the tray can be printed, the need for a label is eliminated 
Brand and Marketing Benefits
Brand and Marketing
  • High-quality offset graphics deliver on-shelf differentiation.  

1 Plastic reduction figures are for the tray and exclude the lidding film, which is expected to be similar to film used for current trays. Each PaperSeal tray is specified on a case-by-case basis to minimize plastic content, at levels even below 10% where possible. 

2 In some countries (depending on the percentage of plastic), the lined tray is accepted for recycling without the liner having been removed

See PaperSeal Trays in Action

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Le Marin Vendéen Transitions to PaperSeal™ Cook Tray

Le Marin Vendéen partners with Graphic Packaging to achieve an 85% reduction in plastic usage by moving to the PaperSeal™ Cook tray.

Le Marin Vendeen product in a PaperSeal Cook packaging
PaperSeal™ Cook Tray for Oven and Microwave-Ready Meals - Macaroni and cheese
PaperSeal™ Cook Tray for Oven and Microwave-Ready Meals - Linguine
PaperSeal™ Cook Tray for Oven and Microwave-Ready Meals - Lasagna

PaperSeal Cook Applications

Frozen Foods
Prepared Foods
Chilled Foods