IntegraFlex™ On-The-Go Hybrid Barrier Packaging

IntegraFlex™ is an integrated paperboard carton and flexible paper package that ships flat and easily pops open into a holder, ideal for consuming on-the-go food items. 

This product line is highly customizable, including the paperboard carton and the flexible material on the inside. The pouches are microwavable and allow the consumer to eat directly out of the package without having to transfer the food to another container. 

Great for holding products like oatmeal, snacks, and dried pasta, it can also lie on its side for food items such as hamburgers and sandwiches, providing additional structure to prevent crushing in a bag. 

IntegraFlex™ On-The-Go Hybrid Barrier Packaging

This product may not be available in your region. Please contact us for more information.

IntegraFlex Benefits

Sustainability Benefits
  • Carton and inner bag are made from fiber from sustainably managed forests  
Operational Efficiency
  • Ships flat, can be hand- or machine-filled  
  • Highly customizable 
Brand & Marketing
  • Outer carton provides the opportunity for high-quality graphics 
Consumer Experience
  • Stands safely upright and is easy to eat out of  
  • Microwavable 
  • Easy-open 
  • Consumers can eat on-the-go 

Harriet’s Hamburgers Retro Container with Modern Twist

Learn how Harriet’s Hamburgers used our hybrid packaging, IntegraFlex™, to replace the foil wraps their burgers were served in.

IntegraFlex Applications

Frozen Foods
Chilled Foods
Dry Goods
Ready-to-Eat Meals
Quick Service Restaurants
Quick Service Restaurants
Convenience Stores
Convenience Stores