Standard Cylindrical Food Containers

Standard Cylindrical Food Containers


Standard cylindrical food containers are used for a variety of hot and cold applications such as frozen yogurt, soups and family-style side items. Paper food containers are a popular choice for single use applications. The double-sided coated paperboard is strong enough to hold heavy liquids and is stackable for easier transportation without spilling.

Ranging in sizes, our small containers are great for individual portions while our large containers are ideal for large side dishes. This product line is available in three stock designs accompanied by a wide variety of lid styles for hot and cold foods. Custom print is also available.

Standard Cylindrical Food Containers – Product Specifications
  • Containers ranging in sizes from 3oz – 32oz
  • Available in three stock designs
  • Custom printing also available
  • Coated on the inside and outside for maximum grease resistance

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