Standard Cylindrical Food Containers

Standard cylindrical food containers can be used for a variety of hot and cold applications such as ice cream, soups, snacks, and family-style side items. 

The containers are made from sturdy paperboard and have a grease-resisting coating on the outside and inside, providing excellent rigidity and grease protection for heavy or oily food items. 

Many of our round food containers come with a flat lid that has ridges to accommodate multiple sizes stacked on top of each other. Dome lids are available for many sizes of containers where extra room is required. 

We offer three categories of round food containers: 

  • Standard food containers 
  • Standard food container/lid combo packs 
  • Snack containers 
Standard Cylindrical Food Containers

Standard Cylindrical Food Containers Benefits

Sustainability Benefits
  • Paperboard meets Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) standards, ensuring that the fiber used comes from sustainably managed forests 
  • Recyclable only in the few communities that have the appropriate recycling programs 
Consumer Experience Benefits
Consumer Experience
  • Secure lid to keep food contents safely inside the container 
  • Stackable with lid on top to easily carry multiple containers 
  • Robust construction with grease-resistant coating 
Operational Efficiency Benefits
Operational Efficiency
  • Product can be used for hot or cold foods, streamlining your operations and minimizing the number of SKUs needed 
  • Stackable in sleeves, making it easy to load into a dispenser or place on counter 
Brand and Marketing Benefits
Brand and Marketing
  • Can be custom printed with your brand or graphics 

Standard Cylindrical Food Containers Specifications

Standard Food Containers
  • Sizes range from 3oz – 32oz 
  • Available in plain or stock designs 
  • Custom printing available 
  • White, black, and clear flat lids; clear dome lids 
Combo Packs
  • Sizes range from 8oz – 32oz 
  • Come as standard in white with a clear PP lid 
  • Packs of 250 containers and 250 lids in one box 
  • Contact us for custom combo pack configurations 
Snack Containers
  • Come in two sizes 
  • Dome lid with hinge top available for small size 
  • Custom printed or stock designs available 
  • Ideal for handheld snack foods, like fries or chicken bites 

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