Pet Care

The pet care market has experienced significant growth in recent years and has become a robust industry. Pet owners around the world are increasingly willing to spend on their pets, treating them as valued members of their families. This trend has been driven by factors such as rising disposable income, changing attitudes towards pets, and the humanization of pets.

From new raw and fresh diets to organic clean-label products with clear provenance and premium treatments for skin and fur care, the pet care market is expanding and creating opportunities for innovation.

Pet Care Packaging

Pet Care Packaging Applications

Pet Food

From standard folding cartons to multipacks and strength packaging, our paperboard pet care packaging solutions help to reduce your reliance on plastic. They deliver on-shelf impact, enhanced performance, and distribution efficiency through intelligent structural design and right-sizing.

Kitty Litter

Ideal for retail environments, e-commerce, and club store distribution, our range of strength pet care packaging solutions offer protection through functional barriers, streamlines supply chains, improves efficiency, and enhances brand identity.

Treats and More

From folding cartons to hybrid flexible packaging and pouches, we offer a range of versatile paperboard pet food packaging solutions that offer on-shelf differentiation and functional elements to improve the consumer’s experience.

Butcher’s Pet Care Eliminates Plastic Waste by Switching to Recyclable Paperboard Multipack Packaging

As part of its overarching sustainability plan, Butcher’s sought to change its packaging from plastic shrink wrap to a recyclable, paperboard solution and turned to Graphic Packaging to help them accomplish this goal.

Besides increasing the company’s sustainability profile, Butcher’s also wanted to develop a packaging solution that increased the potential for branding and messaging, creating on-shelf impact while allowing consumers to still have visibility of the cans inside


Featured Pet Care Packaging Solutions

The pet care market has witnessed continuous innovation, with companies developing new products and services to cater to the evolving needs and demands of pet owners. We recognize and address these needs by offering a wide range of pet care packaging solutions. 

IntegraFlute™ Bag-in-Box Hybrid Barrier SIOC Packaging
IntegraFlute™ Bag-in-Box Packaging

IntegraFlute™ is an omnichannel solution that provides an alternative to large plastic bags and buckets. It’s an integrated bag-in-box solution for large-format packaging that preserves and protects the product and is easy for the consumer to handle and recycle.

Z-Flute™ Laminated Heavyweight Folding Carton
Z-Flute™ Strategically Laminated Folding Cartons

Z-Flute™ is a solid fiber design that incorporates strategic reinforcement where compression strength is needed, delivering a heavyweight folding carton with the strength of a corrugated box. 

LithoFlute Litho-Laminated Heavyweight Cartons
LithoFlute Litho-Laminated Heavyweight Cartons

LithoFlute litho-laminated corrugated premium packaging provides the strength and durability of a corrugated box with the strong visual appeal of a folding carton. 

Heavyweight Packaging and Folding Cartons
Heavyweight Folding Cartons

Our heavyweight folding cartons use high-caliper paperboard with unique structural design elements to enhance performance without sacrificing visual appeal.

IntegraFlex™ Bag-in-Box Hybrid Barrier Packaging
IntegraFlex™ On-The-Go Hybrid Barrier Packaging

IntegraFlex™ is an integrated paperboard carton and flexible paper package that ships flat and can be easily popped open into a holder for food items.

IntegraPak™ Bag-in-Box Hybrid Barrier Packaging
IntegraPak™ Bag-in-Box Packaging

IntegraPak™ is a fully enclosed carton with an integrated fiber-based bag or liner inside.


Featured Materials

Conquest Coated Recycled Paperboard (CRB)
Conquest™ Recycled Paperboard

Conquest™ recycled paperboard is a lightweight sheet suitable for most consumer product folding carton applications.

OmniKote™ Unbleached Paperboard

OmniKote™ unbleached paperboard is a medium grade sheet for most consumer product folding carton applications.

PaceSetter Coated Recycled Paperboard CRB
PaceSetter™ Recycled Paperboard

PaceSetter™ recycled paperboard is a lightweight sheet ideal for most consumer product folding carton applications.


Featured Machinery

FlexSleeve™ Paperboard Sleeve-Wrapping Machine

FlexSleeve™ is designed to apply paperboard wraps or sleeves to trays, cups, containers and other consumer products.

High-Speed Top Load Carton Formers
Top Load Carton Formers

Carton formers that are not only high-speed and flexible but also offer a no-tool changeover solution for carton forming.

the finishing touch

Featured Finishes & Enhancements

View of dry molded fiber spoons
Coatings and Laminations

We offer a portfolio of advanced coatings and laminations to complement our consumer packaging solutions. 

Metallic Packaging Designs and Finishes
Metallic Effects and Designs

Metallic finishing effects on fiber-based packaging create a sense of luxury and elevate the brand image to a premium level.

Tactile Packaging Effects
Tactile Packaging Effects

Engage a consumer’s sense of touch with tactile packaging effects that help to differentiate your product and enhance the consumer’s experience.