Metallic Effects and Designs

Metallic finishing effects create a sense of luxury and elevate your brand image to a premium level. From fine lines to bold reflecting surfaces, our state-of-the-art manufacturing process ensures the best possible outcome.  

Innovation in printing technology and material science helps us to bring your ideas to life in the most eye-catching way while creating a packaging solution that considers recyclability and operational efficiency. 

Metallic Effects and Designs

Metallic Effects and Designs Benefits

Sustainability Benefits
Free of PET Lamination

A range of solutions that do not include PET lamination to achieve the metallic effect.

Technological Expertise

You can rely on our experience and expertise to create high-quality, eye-catching metallic effects and designs that differentiate your packaging and your brand.

Premium Brand Image

Create a premium look with stunning metallic effects that reflect the exclusive nature of the product or brand. Golden relief fonts, pearlescent finishes or mirror-like surfaces – every pack tells its own unique story.


Metallic Effects and Designs

With applications ranging from luxury beauty and personal care to premium confectionery and craft beer, our expertise in creating packaging with stunning metallic effects will ensure a differentiated and appealing look. 

Hot Foil Stamping

Create differentiation by highlighting selected design elements with hot foil stamping. Brand logos, signature fonts, and illustrations can be enhanced by working with colored foils, relief outlines, and more. 

Hot Foil Stamping Effects and Designs

Cold Foil Printing 

A high-speed inline technology that brings advanced metallic effects to life. From large metallic surfaces to small reflecting elements, the process is suitable for small to high volume demands.  

Cold Foil Printing Effects and Designs

Printed Metal Effects

Using printing alone to achieve brilliant metallic effects is a highly efficient approach. The application of specially selected metallic inks and varnishes can create stunning effects to differentiate your product on the retail shelf.  

Achieve brilliance with our printed metal effects.

Funky Buddha Mixology Series Grabs Attention with Dimensionally Raised Coating and Metallic Gold Ink

Funky Buddha offers a line of beers, inspired by classic cocktails. The package is a sustainable solution with a custom profile and shelving positioning that captures consumers’ attention. The high-gloss raised coating gives dimension to the illustrations and creates a unique tactile experience.