Basket Multipack Machinery

Basket carriers offer great convenience, protection, and branding opportunities for glass and plastic bottle multipacks. 

Our high-speed machinery portfolio for basket carriers includes AutoFlex™ and AutoMaxx™, both developed with flexibility, operational efficiency, and footprint optimization in mind.

Our basket carrier multipack portfolio includes AutoFlex™ and AutoMaxx™, ideal for packing glass and plastic bottles in various configurations.

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Basket Multipack Machinery Solutions

Our AutoMaxx machine is capable of running both basket carrier and wrap-style multipacks while AutoFlex is dedicated to basket carriers and has flexibility to produce a variety of styles and formats.


The AutoFlex™ basket multipack machinery system is a compact, high-speed lock-base basket system that can package a wide range of glass and PET bottle sizes in various pack formats and styles.

AutoFlex™ Basket Carrier Multipack Machine for Glass and PET Bottles


A combination of the Marksman™ X5 wrap system and the AutoFlex™ 1500HS basket system, this high-speed, compact packaging machine can produce both wraps and basket carriers. Suitable for a range of glass and PET plastic bottles and aluminum cans in various configurations.

AutoMaxx™ Wrap and Basket Carrier Multipack Machine for Cans and Bottles

Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company Develops Foil-Stamped Basket Carrier

Devils Backbone Brewing Company used Graphic Packaging’s premium print finishes and enhancements to develop a stand-out basket carrier for their line of craft beers.