Fully Enclosed Multipack Cartons for Food and Beverage

Our portfolio of fully enclosed packaging solutions for beverage, food, and pet food applications can be fully customized to your needs. Fully enclosed cartons offer the maximum potential for high-impact graphics, shelf appeal, and product protection. Pack enhancements include innovative corner styles such as rounded, square, and beveled, integrated handles for easier carrying, and openings for easy can dispensing. The portfolio is ideal for cans, and plastic, glass, and aluminum bottles. 

Fully enclosed multipack cartons offer a great consumer experience through a variety of features, such as slot, pop-up, racetrack handles, and finger holes. They also offer opening and dispensing features, like our Fridge Vendor™ style. 

The QuikFlex™ machinery solution can accommodate multiple configurations including two layers, thanks to the QuikFlex TwinStack™ equipment. Options range from low to mid-speed to high-speed.

Fully Enclosed Multipack Cartons for Food and Beverage

Fully Enclosed Multipack Benefits

Sustainability Benefits
  • Made from renewable wood-based fiber from sustainably managed forests 
  • Recyclable in normal household recycling streams 
  • Fully integrated machinery solutions via the QuikFlex™ range with a range of speeds to suit any application 
Customer Experience
  • Offers a range of handle, opening, and dispensing options 
  • Beverage, food, and pet food applications in cans, and plastic, glass, and aluminum bottles. 
On-Shelf Impact
  • Provide maximum billboard area for high-impact branding   

QuikFlex™ Fully Enclosed Multipack Machinery Portfolio

Our QuikFlex multipack machinery portfolio can form and fill fully enclosed cartons with cylindrical primaries for beverage and food applications.

QuikFlex™ 2100G3 Fully Enclosed Multipack Machine for Cans and Bottles

Dogfish Head’s New Variety Pack Encourages Consumers to Stop and Smell the Hops

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, a brand of Boston Beer Co., is an American brewery with commercial distribution in all 50 U.S. states. The brewery recently introduced a new variety pack featuring four different hop-forward beers. Dogfish Head partnered with us on a packaging solution that incorporates an interactive scratch and sniff element on the front and back of each carton.